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What a great thing, to celebrate vinyl. what's better than records?!


           - fred armisen

Welcome to free-form rock 'n' roll radio, playing music from an inherited record collection of blues and jazz records that grew into a treasure-trove spanning decades of vinyl-era music.  Spinning untapped gems and dusting off the greatest hits from the age of vinyl, revisiting and unearthing some of the greatest sounds from the 1950s through the 1970s.




We'll explore the artist's life and times, dig through their albums, trying to make sense of their time (and ours), all while while keeping the spirit of free-form radio ALIVE!


This, my friends, is a sonic time and space machine. I invite you to climb aboard.


Just below the video you'll find this week's freshest show. If you miss it live on the air, no worries, it'll be here waiting for you until the next one rolls along.


So if you're looking for a mind-expanding weekly radio experience, grab your favorite pair of speakers or headphones and get comfortable as we...


Explore the Cosmos of Rock 'n' Roll...

This Week's Show


My Dad's LPs #142


Last week, Bob Dylan was honored with the Nobel Prize for Literature (much to his and many writers' chagrin) and Chuck Berry turned 90. This week we celebrate these two heavyweight artists as we explore Dylan's timeless lyrics and sample the guitar sounds that changed the world. We'll also dive into a few of the artists that took tunes like "You Can't Catch Me" and "Johnny B. Goode" to a whole new level.


Congratulations Bob and Thank You Chuck!


Featuring: Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan and the great Chuck Berry.

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