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This Week's Show

My Dad's LPs 121 (First Aired: 04/23/16)

Psychedelic blues, Electric blues and Roots blues all get covered here, Pink Floyd colors the landscape and live performances from Creedence Clearwater Revival, Albert King and B.B. King make this a show for those that love blues and rock as a single entity. These artists show us that "without the blues, you wouldn't have no rock 'n' roll". Perfectly blended into an hour of rockin' blues for your listening pleasure.

Last Week's Show

My Dad's LPs 120 (First Aired: 04/16/16)

A driving blend of 1960s-era rock & blues combined with the sweeter sounds of The Beach Boys and The Beatles rounds out this hour of music. It also includes a set from a truly great concert on many levels the "Concert For Bangladesh" from Madison Square Garden in August, 1971 featuring performances from George Harrison and Bob Dylan.

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